To: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook

Tell Facebook: Stop putting profits over our rights

For years, Facebook has prioritized profit over the safety and privacy of millions of Americans, especially Muslims and people of color. They exposed the private information of millions of people to companies trying to strip away our rights—and the only reason we know any of it is because of subpoenas and media reports.

People of color, Muslims, immigrants and the LGBTQ community don’t get their own special counsel or congressional hearing, so we have to demand it.

Add your name now to demand Facebook allow a public and independent civil rights audit and commit to fixing their platform.

Why is this important?

For years, Facebook has allowed the use of its platform to promote bigotry and potentially violate civil rights, allowing operatives to promote misleading propaganda and hate groups to organize and promote rallies on their platform. They’ve even gone as far as selling ads that could violate the Fair Housing Act and offered their expertise and assistance in spreading anti-Muslim videos.

While recent leaks and news reports have revealed some of the problem, Facebook has evaded requests for full transparency and disclosure from groups like Muslim Advocates and our partners at Color of Change.

Facebook claims to be dedicated to giving people “the power to build community and bring the world closer together”, yet they have refused to adequately address their repeated breaches of the public trust. They have shown they cannot be trusted to be fully transparent on their own and must immediately allow an audit of their policies and platforms by an independent third-party.


Reasons for signing

  • Facebook does not treat us like customers but rather products. The real customers are the corporations buying a product which is our information. This needs to stop.
  • I left Facebook because I no longer want to be a commodity for Mark Zuckerberg. The half-assed apologizes he has made no longer cut it for me. It has become apparent that Zuckerberg thinks only of his own personal interests and not those of the people who put their trust in Facebook.
  • Idaho is too great for hate. We ❤️ our Muslim neighbors!

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