To: Kirstjen Nielsen, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and Rebecca Adducci, Detroit ICE Field Director

Tell Kirstjen Nielsen and Rebecca Adducci to stop separating families!

Last week, Donald Trump’s Deportation Force conducted its most aggressive immigration raid yet at a garden center in Sandusky, Ohio and took away more than 100 mothers and fathers. We must hold ICE accountable. Tell DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and ICE Field Office Director Rebecca Adducci to rein in their excessive attacks on hardworking Ohio families.

Why is this important?

Earlier this month, two hundred federal immigration enforcement agents descended upon Corso’s Flower and Garden Centers in Sandusky and Castalia, Ohio, with machine guns and K-9 dogs as helicopters circled overhead.

They were there to arrest and deport Ohioans who work hard and love their families, accusing them of immigration violations. All told, 114 Corso’s workers were arrested by ICE during the aggressive, SWAT-style operation.

Just a week later, they struck AGAIN, this time at a meatpacking plant in Massillon, Ohio, where another 100 agents arrested more than 100 workers.

Kirstjen Nielsen is the head of the Department of Homeland Security, and is responsible for running Donald Trump’s turbo-charged deportation machine.

Rebecca Adducci is the Field Office Director for Detroit ICE, with control over operations in Michigan and Ohio. Not only is she responsible for utilizing an outrageous show of government force in order to arrest and deport humble workers, but she has presided over the systematic separation of Ohio and Michigan families ever since the Trump Administration took office.

Raids like the one in Sandusky, Castalia, and Massillon are destroying Ohio and Michigan families, and those of us who disagree with what’s happening need to stand up and say it! Sign this petition to tell DHS Chief Kirstjen Nielsen and ICE Field Director Rebecca Adducci to rein in their excessive use of force and deportation practices that destroy families.


Reasons for signing

  • Humungous *SHAME* with criminal charges for actions done to immigrant families, children & infants dying from simple neglect, what *horror* and disgust all of you should have! *BLESSings* for the immigrants, so very sad & bad! Repeat after repeat, will we never learn? What right have we????? *WHY*????
  • Glad they are gone obey the law
  • NO reason to judge someone that has come here with the OBVIOUS Intention to do nothing more then Continue being the HARD-Working individual they have already become, and STAY HERE With there U.S. Born WIFE & Children and Clearly continue the "Family Life" they were living when Most of us that know @ least 1 or 2 hispanics know they DON'T BOTHER *ANYBODY* So in WHAT WAY Do you feel it is right to judge a person by saying they are a "Flight Risk", Knowing you are NOT SPEAKING the Truth because ...