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To: Mayor Larry Fox

Tell Mayor Fox: Negotiate a Contract for Bradley Beach Workers NOW!

Borough of Bradley Beach workers in the clerical, dispatch, and public works departments continue to show up to work and perform vital services for the community while working without a labor contract.

These dedicated workers keep the Borough running by dispatching public safety personnel to respond to emergencies, cleaning trash, repairing critical infrastructure, and caring for our community’s day-to-day needs. These essential workers have been working tirelessly for the benefit of the community since January 1, 2023 without a labor contract. This is completely unacceptable.

Borough Council has requested to aid in negotiations, but Mayor Fox refuses to allow them to participate. Instead, negotiations continue to sit at a standstill.

Mayor Fox:  it’s time to stop delaying. Come back to the table and negotiate an equitable contract that rewards these hard workers for their service to the community!

Why is this important?

The people who keep the Borough of Bradley Beach running deserve a contract that reflects their hard work. 

These hardworking men and women are tired, under financial strain, and deserve better. Enough is enough!

Please support these hardworking dedicated public service employees!




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