To: The United States Senate

Tell Mitch McConnell: No Hearings Before Ethics Reviews

Delay confirmation hearings for President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet nominees until their ethics reviews have been completed.

Why is this important?

On Saturday, the Office of Government Ethics reported that several of President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet nominees have not completed the ethics review process. Many of Mr. Trump’s nominees have extensive financial holdings that may present serious conflicts of interest.

We stand opposed to holding confirmation hearings for Mr. Trump’s nominees until their ethics reviews have been completed. The hearings and votes must be delayed to ensure due diligence in this vital democratic process.

The role of the president and of U.S. legislators is to uphold the Constitution, democracy, and our most cherished values as a nation. Rushing the confirmation process without completing adequate ethics reviews before confirmation hearings endangers all three.


Reasons for signing

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  • When Republicans are in power, the usual rules apparently no longer apply so as to meet their own agenda. Is our democracy turning into a dictatorship? Sure looks like it!
  • We should not even have to ASK you to delay confirmations until they have been reviewed.

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