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To: President Joe Biden

Tell President Biden: DO NOT restart student loan payments

Tell President Biden: DO NOT restart student loan payments

We call on President Biden to not restart federal student loan payments on September 1 when pandemic relief is set to end. Instead, the President must extend the pause on student loan payments until he delivers on his promise to cancel student debt.

Why is this important?

Millions of Americans will be thrown back into loan repayment even though we face the persistent impact of the pandemic, growing inflation, and so much more. Before the pandemic struck, people struggled to navigate the broken student loan system wreaking havoc on the financial lives of families across the country.

Restarting payments will be a financial disaster, but the President has the power to stop it.

Continuing the pause on federal student loan payments is an important investment in Americans' financial lives. It gives people the financial freedom to pay rent or purchase homes, afford healthcare or medicine, start small businesses, and support their families. Without the burden of student debt, Americans weathered the pandemic, and many are thriving.

We have added our name to this petition to send President Biden a simple message: DO NOT resume student loan payments.



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CNBC reports: Experts, lawmakers call for Biden to push back the return of student loan payments—again

2021-12-08 13:36:26 -0500

Over 200 Organizations Representing Millions of Students, Workers, People of Color, Veterans, People with Disabilities, and People of Faith Demand the Administration Act to Deliver Promised Debt Relief Before Ending Payment Pause.

2021-12-08 13:33:38 -0500

Over 10,000 people signed this petition in the first hour. Keep it up! 👏👏

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