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To: Speaker McCarthy & the GOP House Majority

Tell Speaker McCarthy and Members of the House Majority to Back Off Our Benefits

As our livelihoods hang in the balance, join Courage For America in demanding Congress promise to:

→ Back off our benefits and protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.
→ Pay the bills Congress already owes and prevent economic default by raising the debt limit.
→ Stop playing politics with the livelihoods of working people.

Why is this important?

Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid provide safety and security for the millions of seniors, families, and veterans who rely on these benefits to retire, access health care, and feed their families. Speaker McCarthy and the House Majority are threatening to force a catastrophic economic default unless their extreme demands to gut these overwhelmingly popular and hard-earned benefits are met.

Their willingness to hold the economy hostage and make working people pay the price is nothing short of extreme and dangerous.

Default would devastate individual Americans and communities of color across the country. After a lifetime of hard work and paying in, 48.6 million seniors rely on Social Security assistance every month to pay their bills. Nearly 64 million seniors rely on Medicare for their health coverage. More than 84.8 million Americans receive life-saving coverage through Medicaid. The entire country will suffer if our economy defaults.

The majority of the House GOP supports cuts to essential programs. The Republican Study Committee, which includes 75% of House Republican members, released a budget for 2023 that would take measures to reduce or eliminate Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act, and SNAP benefits – voucherizing, means-testing, cutting funding, and imposing stricter requirements to gut coverage for millions of Americans.



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