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To: Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves

Tell Tate Reeves: Abortion Is Essential Health Care!

Gov. Tate Reeves is following in the lead of Ohio and Texas and exploiting the coronavirus pandemic to push an extreme, anti-abortion agenda. Instead of implementing policies that actually help Mississippians, like expanding Medicaid or issuing a stay-at-home order to help flatten the curve, Gov. Reeves called for a ban on abortion procedures in the state of Mississippi.

The reproductive health care of Mississippians is not a political toy to be used in a game of chess. The people of Mississippi deserve to have access to the full range of reproductive health care, including abortion services. Gov. Reeves needs to back down from his extreme anti-choice agenda and acknowledge that abortion is essential healthcare.

Why is this important?

Abortion is a time-sensitive procedure that cannot be delayed without serious consequences. Denying safe abortion access places financial and emotional burdens on patients, their families, and on the health care system. Mississippi is one of the most hostile states for abortion rights and due to their only being one clinic in the state, people already have to wait days, sometimes weeks, and travel long distances to access safe, legal abortion care.

Banning abortions in Mississippi does nothing but force people to travel out of the state to access the care they need, and during a pandemic, it increases their risk of exposure to the coronavirus.



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