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To: Department of Labor, Congress, Donald Trump

Tell the Department of Labor not to cut farm worker wages during COVID-19

The Trump administration is trying to cut minimum wages for hundreds of thousands of essential farm workers keeping our domestic food supply functioning.

Sign the petition telling the Department of Labor and rest of the Trump administration to treat all farm workers with dignity and respect.

We must make sure your members of Congress also know that you will not tolerate any cuts to wages for essential guest workers on farms.

Why is this important?

Why would the Trump administration target farm workers with wage cuts in the middle of a pandemic, when other essential workers are winning hazard pay? Instead of lowering wages for the poorest workers, we need to ensure that some of the $9.5 billion allocated for COVID-19 aid will protect the vulnerable, essential workers who are out in the fields in this pandemic to keep the food supply intact.

The wage cuts being pushed by Trump's administration will not just hurt vulnerable guest workers. It will depress wages for all farm workers nationwide. Industry "aid" that excludes the essential workforce and drives down wages is a clear warning sign to working people in every industry.

Millions of us are sheltering in place to avoid exposure to the coronavirus. Farm work can't be done remotely and we all need to eat. During a crisis, rather than trying to cut costs by oppressing the poorest, we need to place value on the people risking so much to feed us.

We can't let the Trump administration go through with this.


Reasons for signing

  • This is not the time to cut wages for our farmers and the essential workers who provide food to our nation. If wages need to be cut, start at the top.Congressman, senators, president and Staff who are related to the president and who are irrelevant to the country as a whole. This is hard enough for our actual Americans that basically live paycheck to paycheck, This government has got to stop being heartless and acting As if real Americans don’t matter. We matter much more than the privileged!
  • I am a farmer and still working hard.
  • I signed because this is wrong. Farmers deserve their pay, and it should not be cut.


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"White House Seeks To Lower Farmworker Pay To Help Agriculture Industry" via NPR

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