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To: President Joe Biden

The Climate Crisis is Here: Tell President Joe Biden to Declare a Climate Emergency!

The science is clear: we need to make drastic changes to save as many people as possible from climate catastrophe. President Biden needs to declare a national climate emergency and use the full authority of our government to transition to a clean energy economy, as fast as possible.

We can’t wait any longer. We need to decrease our dependence on fossil fuels—and as a result, decrease our support for greedy, corporate execs—to create new infrastructure that promotes a green, renewable energy future, with good jobs for people across the nation.

Why is this important?

Climate scientists and organizers have been sounding the alarm on the climate crisis for years. The latest findings from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) tell us that regardless of what we do now, temperatures will still rise globally.

But, we still have time to mitigate damage to our most vulnerable communities by using the full power of the government to tackle the climate crisis head on. Fossil fuel CEOs are set to make near-historic profits this year, while working people have been navigating everyday life between a deadly pandemic—made worse by the Trump administration—unemployment and the worst effects of this crisis, from a record-breaking wildfire and hurricane season.

Scientists have told us exactly what we need to do to mitigate this crisis, but will we listen and respond? Now is the time for President Joe Biden and his administration to make change for working people across the country and declare a climate emergency.



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