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To: Town of Woodside, CA

Town of Woodside CA - Change bike lane stop signs in 2 places on Canada Rd.

We who are signing this petition would like the town of Woodside California to change the bike lane stop sign southbound on the intersections of Canada road and Jefferson Avenue and also Canada road and Glenwood Avenue.

For safety reasons we would like the town to remove the stop sign for the bike lane on the southbound side at these intersections.

At these T intersections the town should put row of reflectors on the southbound side to separate the bike lane from the vehicle traffic lane. The bike lane is never broken or intersected on the southbound side.

Otherwise we would like the stop sign removed entirely at these intersections on canada rd for all traffic.

Why is this important?

Help make biking safer on Canada Rd and reduce the $250 ticket police give to bikers who do not find any logic in stopping at these intersections. There is no cross traffic and there is a separate bike lane. The fine is very high and there is no reason for this stop sign for bikers.

Help make a change - we are smart enough to do this!



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