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To: President Michael M. Crow

Urgent Gender Inclusive Housing Reform at ASU

Urgent Gender Inclusive Housing Reform at ASU

To release an action plan to address the issues with the GIH process before the next session of housing renewal that integrates LGBTQ+ student leaders in the planning process.
To integrate the Gender Inclusive Housing option into the main ASU housing process including a roommate selection portal.
To assign specific housing representatives to concerns with the Gender Inclusive Housing process.
To publicly release data on the approval rate for Gender Inclusive Housing requests.

Why is this important?

The ASU Rainbow Coalition and Barrett LGBTQ+ Club are formally reaching out to the ASU administration to request an action plan to reform gender inclusive student housing at ASU. Student leaders from individual RainCo-affiliated organizations have been in contact with USG since the Spring semester and earlier in an attempt to address these issues, but despite many assurances that housing reform is underway, no real progress has been made and it is clear to us that our concerns are being continually ignored.

For transgender and queer students, housing with students of the same gender assigned at birth can put our health and safety at risk. For this reason, ASU has provided the option for students to apply for “Gender Inclusive Housing” which gives students more options. However, Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) is not a legitimate option for students because of unacceptable issues with the application process that render it almost completely dysfunctional––issues we have brought up repeatedly with the administration but have not been taken seriously.



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