To: Congressman Jim Himes, Senator Richard Blumenthal, Senator Chris Murphy, and Christopher Cronen, ICE Field Office Director

URGENT: Stop the deportation of Miriam Martinez-Lemus, mother of 2, one with insulin dependent di...

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Stop the deportation of Miriam Martinez-Lemus.

Why is this important?

Miriam Martinez-Lemus has lived in Connecticut for over 25 years with intermittent ICE check-ins. She has 2 minor daughters, one of whom needs constant monitoring to keep her insulin levels in check.

Miriam was scheduled to be deported Monday, November 20th at 3 pm.

Instead of boarding a one-way flight to Guatemala as ICE instructed her to, Miriam went home, saying publicly “I cannot leave my child. I cannot take her to Guatemala- there is no medicine for her. I must be by her side."

One of Miriam’s daughters has insulin dependent type I juvenile diabetes. On a good day, her daughter's blood sugar levels are sustained with an insulin pump and only need to be checked every 2 hours- including while she sleeps. Most other days since she was diagnosed with this life-threatening disease 2 years ago, her daughter has fluctuations in blood sugar levels and ketones that require a cocktail of insulin injections and closer monitoring to prevent a seizure or worse. Miriam is the primary caretaker for her daughter, but part of a team that includes her husband Raphael and the good doctors at Yale New Haven Hospital's Children's Pediatric Endocrinology Department. All are concerned that taking Miriam away from her US citizen daughter might trigger a diabetic reaction.

Miriam is home with her daughter today - defying ICE.

But ICE now considers her a fugitive and could take her in to custody.

The faith leaders in Connecticut have spoken out in support of Miriam. Her mayor, state representative, state senator, governor, US congressperson, and both US senators are outraged that a kind and loving woman with a medically needy child would be deported. They’ve called this cruel and inhumane.

Please tell Congress and ICE that Miriam should NOT BE DEPORTED. We value Miriam and her family needs her to survive.