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To: Adrian Michigan Residents

Vote of NO Confidence - Adrian Planning Commission

The City Planning Commission failed to follow the Adrian Zoning Ordinance section 4.6 -Site Plan Review And Approval

A site plan review procedure is hereby established for the City of Adrian. The purpose of a site plan review is to determine compliance with the provisions set forth herein and to promote the orderly development of the City, the stability of land values and investments in the general welfare, and to help prevent impairment or depreciation of land values and development of the erection of structures or additions or alterations thereto without proper attention to siting and appearance.
The following provisions in this section shall apply to all uses requiring site plan review by this Ordinance, including multiple family developments, site condominium developments, all uses requiring a special approval use permit, and accessory uses to the previously mentioned uses. Approved plans shall regulate the development on the premises, unless modified in the same manner as the plans were originally approved.

Why is this important?

The concept behind setting up local elected governments is to protect the interests of its citizens. The City of Adrian has lost sight of this core value and consistently prioritizes “SPECIAL INTERESTS” over community interests.



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