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To: Greg Abbott

We Demand that Greg Abbott Reinstate Mask Mandate

On Tuesday, March 2, Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order that is nothing but a grotesque political move. Contrary to scientific reason, all entities have been opened, and the statewide mask mandate has been discontinued. Abbott needs to reinstate the mask mandate and to reopen the state cautiously as informed by public health recommendations.

(For physicians - a physician-specific petition can be found here -

Why is this important?

With few interstate travel restrictions, a sick Texas means the pandemic continues unabated in the United States.

1. Only 1/5 of Texans have been vaccinated and the declaration that we have sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE) does not square with the reality that teachers, domestic workers and other essential personnel continue without material or policy protections.
2. It is gratuitous to acknowledge that we have “adopted the daily habits that reduce risk of covid-19 exposure and transmission” and then to remove statewide mask mandates. We need to support Texans to continue safe practices.
3. Abbott draws equivalence with active cases in November. Test positivity now is where it was in November - around 11-12%. By January, it had escalated to 20%. This same pattern was noted over the summer. And now we want to open everything up again right before spring break.
4. Regardless of covid-hospitalizations, county governments across 254 counties are being denied purview over reducing capacity of any entity below 50%. With what public health rationale?



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