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To: U.S. Congress

We say: No "October Surprise." No war with Iran!

It is imperative that Congress reassert its authority over war-making to prevent war with Iran and ensure Trump doesn’t have the funds or the authorization to wage a war. Activists around the country are concerned that an October Surprise — war with Iran — is all too possible.

Congress must make clear that Trump has NO congressional authorization for a disastrous war of choice with Iran. Please act as quickly as possible to ensure Trump is unable to drag the United States down the path to war.

Why is this important?

Trump is ramping up his hawkish rhetoric and aircraft carriers are moving — we’re left with little choice other than to prepare for an Iran War “October Surprise.”

For weeks, Trump’s been laying the groundwork for escalation. On September 14, he threatened war crimes as a response to a since-discredited report about an Iranian assassination plot. Days later, the Navy steamed one of the largest aircraft carriers in the world right past the Iranian coast in an unsubtle show of force. And on September 22, Trump announced new, unilateral sanctions against Iran.

The deck feels stacked. But here’s the thing, despite years of fighting and fatigue, we STILL have POWER to safeguard against Trump’s worst possible October Surprise.

Congress has the SOLE constitutional authority to determine when and whether the United States goes to war and right now, they’ve got to throw up as many roadblocks as possible — as fast as they can. So let's get LOUD and make sure they hear us when we say: No war with Iran. Not now. Not ever.




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