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Join Charles B. in signing this petition.

To: We are petitioning Black and Other Minority Elected Officials and Civil Rights Organizations to carry the request forward to the World Court.

World Court Hearing on Human Rights Violations in the United States of America.

World Court Hearing on Human Rights Violations in the United States of America.

We would like to see those Elected Officials and Civil Rights Organizations join in the preparation and presentation of a petition to the World Court to hear charges against this Nation for Human and Civil Right Violations against People of Color.

Why is this important?

The United States has shown a lack of will for 400 years in addressing and offering remedy and relief to Black and other Minority Citizens regarding their Human and Civil Rights. We would like for the subject to be elevated to the World Court as an Artier in dialogue and seeking remedy to the racial inequities of this system. We believe the dialogue is needed to avoid more violence and bloodshed caused by the continued practice of inequity in the administration of Justice in this Nation.


Reasons for signing

  • Just like the apartheid system in South Africa was elevated to the World court, the apartheid system in the United States which encourages systemic racism against people of color needs to be spotlighted and condemned.
  • The police are recorded commiting a number of human rights violations during just the protests for police brutality. While uneven effects, this effects all americans. Slavery is still legal in the US under the exception in the 13th amendment.
  • The racist policy brutality in our country has to be exposed to the rest of the world...


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