To: Janet Yellen, Chair, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

A patriotic petition to restructure the Fed

In order to function as a public bank, the Fed should
(1) Issue loans ONLY to create real wealth, such as tables and chairs and professional services;
(2) Loans at cost;
(3) Loans to benefit everyone (by funding -- through local banks -- individual entrepreneurs, cooperatives, ESOPs, and public entities with taxing power, so that loans can be repaid).

Why is this important?

The monetary system is broken – the world over.

It is not working for the poor.
It has led to the collapse of the middle class.
It is not working well for the rich, except in an illusory and transitory way.

We have to turn the Fed from serving the few, rather badly, to serving everyone well.

If the proposed structure is in place, let Wall Street tremble or financial behemoths collapse, Main Street will continue to prosper.


Reasons for signing

  • Economic policy can improve or destroy our economy and country. These seem like more constructive policy than we have experienced in some time. I think even Alexander Hamilton would approve. Thank you.
  • Because some people are already broke or go broke due to situations like this or similar
  • The continent of Africa is not poor needs an antidote for the poor and the middle class. I pray that Carmine shall be used as a vehicle (car) to expose the resources (Mine) hidden in Africa