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To: Superintendent Dr. Jesus F. Jara, CCSD Board of Trustees and Erik Skramstad, Director of the Clark County School District PGS and NEPF Department

ABV Mentors Deserve CU's from the Clark County School District

The Southern Nevada Black Educators Initiative is petitioning the Clark County School District to acknowledge the critical role ABV Mentors play in shaping a diverse and inclusive educational landscape and allow ABV Mentors to earn credits equal to what other mentorship programs allow. Credits that translate to higher pay. It is our firm belief that the denial of credits for ABV Mentors is not only an issue of equity but also holds potential discriminatory implications, particularly concerning Black teachers.

Why is this important?

Black teachers have been shown to have a positive impact on all student academic and social outcomes. Having just one Black teacher increases students chances of going to college and reduces the numbers of suspension & expulsions. In Clark County only 7% of teachers are Black creating an ongoing crisis that disproportionately impacts our most vulnerable populations. SNBEI has declared the lack of Black teachers a state of emergency and has created the ABV Critical Mentorship Program to help retain Black teachers in Clark County School District.

Among the program's standout achievements are the 15 ABV mentees who have successfully completed their mentorship journey and subsequently embraced licensed teaching positions within the Clark County School District. This accomplishment not only speaks to the effectiveness of the program but also underscores its pivotal role in nurturing the next generation of educators.

The ABV Mentors program has also been established as a valuable mechanism for retaining both new licensed educators who serve as ABV mentees and veteran educators who serve as ABV mentors. This dual approach not only supports the growth and development of new educators but also leverages the experience and expertise of seasoned mentors

However ABV Mentors are currently unable to earn CU's for their time and effort, while similar programs are able to earn credits. These credits translate to higher pay for mentors, which can increase retention and participation in the program. SNBEI is petitioning the district to allow ABV Mentors to earn credits equal to what other mentorship programs allow. Denial of credit is an equity issue that is discriminatory towards Black teachers.


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