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To: Pressure must be put on the New York Barr Assoc. to disbar Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz must be disbarred

Alan Dershowitz must be disbarred

Alan Dershowitz has lied about material facts in the impeachment trail of Donald John Trump. Dershowitz has also gone on numerous TV shows spouting lie after lie about the facts uncovered by the House of Representatives and the Constitution itself. This is illegal and must be commended.

Why is this important?

The very foundation of our democracy relies on the rule of law. We have an adversarial legal system, but when attorneys lie in court it distorts the entire process. Process is important! Many of the attacks on our system of government we have witnessed in recent years, have been attacks on process. This must stop.

Reasons for signing

  • He’s a liar
  • Please get rid of this idiot. And if you vacation on Martha's Vineyard don't invite him to your cook outs. He is partially to blame for the impeachment scandal. Look who he represents - murderers.
  • Let's hope this works.


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