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To: Your Local House Representative

American Jews Demand: George Santos Must Resign for Misusing Holocaust Tragedy

Dear House Member (Name of your House member)

We, the undersigned, demand that Representative Elect George Santos resign from his position due to his false claims about his family's experiences during the Holocaust. It has been proven that Mr. Santos lied about his mother's family fleeing Nazi oppression in Ukraine and Belgium, and that they were already living in Brazil at the time he claimed they were fleeing the Holocaust.

The Holocaust is a deeply personal and collective tragedy for the Jewish people, and we hold the truth of this dark chapter in history sacred. It is completely unacceptable to use the Holocaust for political gain, or to lie about one's own family's experiences in order to obtain political office.

We call on the GOP to recognize Mr. Santos's disrespect for the memory of those who suffered and died during the Holocaust, and to demand that he not take his seat in the House of Representatives. It is imperative that those who hold public office be held to the highest standards of integrity and honesty, and Mr. Santos has demonstrated that he does not meet these standards.

Why is this important?

George Santos lied about his mother’s family fleeing from Nazi oppression in the Ukraine and then Belgium, fleeing from the Holocaust to Brazil, where he then immigrated to the United States. His mother’s family already was living in Brazil during the period when he said they were fleeing from the Holocaust, so this is an outright lie. The Holocaust is one of the greatest crimes against humanity to ever occur, and to the Jewish people, the Holocaust is a personal and collective tragedy. We hold the truth of the Holocaust sacred and do not accept when it is used in a lie for political gain to help to obtain political office. It has been proven that Representative Elect George Santos has completely lied about his family background, and he is neither Jewish, nor did his family flee from the Nazis in Europe. This is an unacceptable lie and we demand that he step down and not take his seat in Congress. We demand that the GOP recognize his slap in the face of the memory of the Jews who suffered and died in the Holocaust and call for him to not take his seat in the House of Representitives.



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