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To: Congress needs to hear from us now! Congress must urgently deliver green jobs, care jobs, justice, and green infrastructure so we can fully recover and thrive.

Americans must get back to work with clean energy and care jobs! Congress must act.

There are record heat waves across the Pacific Northwest, in fact just last month, Portland was hotter than Phoenix with a record high of 115 degrees, which took the lives of more than 60 people. There was massive flooding in Detroit with multiple tornado warnings in various parts of the midwest. There are severe drought conditions in California, and an active Gulf of Mexico leading to a potentially dangerous hurricane season. Climate change is here, and it is happening before our eyes. Not only that, it is reshaping our country and our lives.

And the truth is that our infrastructure and economy are not well suited to handle the climate crisis. We have no choice but to act. We urgently NEED to tackle the climate crisis NOW and we can do it by getting folks back to work with good paying clean energy jobs.
We have a once-in-a-generation chance for Congress to pass a transformational economic recovery and infrastructure package that puts millions of people to work in good, family-sustaining climate jobs and care jobs; delivers real climate solutions; and advances racial, Indigenous, gender, environmental, and economic justice.

We can build a clean energy future and create family-sustaining jobs, we can put millions back to work in the care jobs we desperately need, with an emphasis on the low-income communities and communities of color who are bearing the brunt of COVID and the climate crisis.
ADD YOUR NAME: Congress needs to hear from us now! Congress must urgently deliver green jobs, care jobs, justice, and green infrastructure so we can fully recover and thrive.

Why is this important?

My name is Beth, I live in Ventnor, New Jersey, and I saw the impact of Superstorm Sandy first hand. My house had to be taken down, and I am still not home after 9 years. Very little has changed in Washington, but the climate crisis keeps getting worse. Just look at the heat waves and fires already spreading across much of the U.S. this summer.

Our government is still doing too little about the rising sea levels, urgent need to cut pollution, and need to invest in renewable energy. I am genuinely frightened for the planet my grandchildren will inherit.

Now, in the middle of a pandemic with our country facing several crises at once, it is clear that Congress must act. I and all signing this petition are calling on Congress to do just that—to act now, with urgency, to create good, union jobs, from clean energy jobs to jobs in the care sector to manufacturing jobs—and to ensure that all of those jobs do their part to reduce the fossil fuel pollution causing climate change. I and those signing this petition also call on Congress to make sure these investments include those who often have been excluded in the past—communities that have lost manufacturing jobs, low-income communities, communities of color, communities facing environmental harm, and fossil fuel communities impacted by the clean energy transition.

Prior to Sandy I was like many others. I didn’t understand the reality of climate change until I experienced it. In the same way, how many people thought much about the impacts of a pandemic before Covid hit?

Now I understand that this could be the new norm, dangerous pandemics and life-threatening climate disasters that could ruin our communities, unless we reimagine and recreate our economy and build a clean energy future. We need Congress to take action immediately to put Americans back to work in clean energy and care jobs!

As an Independent that voted Republican in the past, many might have preconceived notions about what I stand for. But in reality, I believe we must have a country that works for everybody. Right now, I know that we need to come together for this transformational change and recovery. We need to stand together even if we don’t always agree. We need to find common ground especially when it comes to saving our communities, building a clean energy future and protecting our planet. We need to make sure we’re being equitable and everyone is included. And we need to ensure the money is spent wisely, with strong oversight to prevent waste. This goal is bigger than a political divide.

This is the moment where we have to take immediate action to create jobs and reimagine the economy in a way that enables all of us to get back on our feet and is sustainable for the earth. Congress must be bold and act now!!




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