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To: Governor Roy Cooper

Antonio Robinson Justice

On Sept. 20th 2022, Antonio Robinson was pulled over and arrested for trafficking. His bond was set to 1 million dollars. The trafficking amount he was being charged with is the minimum amount for trafficking which is 4-14 grams. Union County bond amount for that amount is $100,000. In December Antonio received a bond reduction to $750,000. The requirements if he were to bond out was that he would also have to stay in union county and cabarrus county with a monitor on. He bonded out on Dec. 28th, 2022 and had the monitor put on that same night. On Jan. 11th, 2023 he was pulled over at the old BB&T bank in Monroe. He had a passenger in the vehicle with him. The officers claimed that they pulled him over due to the plastic cover over his license plate. When they got to the window, the officer said he smelled Marijuana. Antonio and the passenger were asked to step out of the vehicle. The passenger then gave another officer the marijuana they had. The officers put both persons in handcuffs and started to search the vehicle. They searched under the hood of the vehicle, in the tires, all through the inside and said they found a blue pill under the passenger seat by the battery that was consistent with what he was being previously charged with. The officers took both persons to jail and Antonio received charges of poss w/i/m/s/d sch 2 sub, marijuana charge and main/veh/dwel charge and was given a $10,000 bond. He bonded out the same night. The next day he received notification that the DA filed to have his first bond revoked. On Jan. 25th 2023, Antonio went to court for the motion to revoke his bond. Antonio's lawyer had all evidence that everything found in the vehicle did not belong to him. The judge still revoked his original bond and doubled it to 1.5 million and he went back to jail. On April 12, 2023 Antonio received a call stating that the lab work was back on the pill they found in the vehicle and it came back as no controlled substance and the charges were dismissed. His lawyer got him an add on for court on April 18, 2023 to get him released or his bond reduced. The lawyer fought for 30 minutes showing all evidence and the judge still denied the motion for release or reduction because the other person had marijuana and that marijuana is still illegal.

I have had a meeting with the Union County Manager, requested meetings with the Attorney General, Tried to meet with the Governor, wrote into the NAACP of Union County who responded to me that no laws have been broken and no civil rights have been violated. I also sent a complaint form to the NC Judicial Standards Commission also with all supporting documents to get the decision reversed.

With the second charges being dismissed, Antonio should be out on his original bond with the ankle monitor with the restrictions that were in place until a decision is made for the first charges.

I watch the Union County Sheriff Office Facebook page and see that there are a lot of others of different color that are charged with the same charges with a higher poss. amount like 88g or 127g or death by distribution and their bonds are a lot lower. They are also repeat offenders.

If you talk to any lawyer that has been present at all the court dates, they will also tell you that none of this makes any sense.

I will start posting all the evidence showing the charges being dismissed and the lab work results. Also others that have higher charges and their bonds lower and that they are all of a different race than Antonio.

Why is this important?

Antonio Robinson is well known in his community. He is a licensed Barber, owns his own moving company and started investing in property. Each year he gives back to families by giving out free cuts and backpacks at the start of the school year. He is a dedicated father to all his children and is very active in their lives, school, and other activities. Antonio is a black male that grew up in Monroe NC. He was taken from his parents at a young age and went from foster home to foster home. He went back to school to get his GED and then went on to college. He is a licensed barber and master educator.

I am fighting for justice for Antonio because the system is not treating him fairly. I have done my research and pulled all other persons in jail with him that are of a different race and have the same or higher charges but their bonds are way lower. Also Antonio’s charges have been dismissed but they still have him under a 1.5 million dollar bond.


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