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To: All those in authority who are the opposite of the disenfranchised poor majority:




I am so sick and tired of living in the alleged richest country in the world, one that was and is supposed to be the greatest purveyor of True Liberty and Freedom, taking care of its own, and not mass-murdering millions of innocent civilians as it is doing now. If we don't TRULY care for "We, the People" and the people of the world, we are no longer truly a free country, as shown by the U.S., its allies and global government making the entire world less and less sovereign and Truly Free. I'm sick and tired of living in a country that is increasingly enslaving and "eugenociding" the entire world, the opposite(s) of True Liberty and Freedom. We must bring about True Dignity in the U.S. and the world and spend most of the trillions of dollars in bailouts and "stimulus" packages to do this, FOR ALL. The $1,200.00 for every citizen is great, and we are grateful for it, but it is nothing compared to what is truly needed. Raise Social Security by at least $200.00 per month, at least for those receiving the lowest benefits therefrom, particularly the disabled. Stop the rule that SSA benefits are calculated based on how much the disabled paid in FICA taxes, many if not most of whom were determined to be totally disabled when they were too young to have paid much if anything into Social Security, as a result causing them to only receive below poverty line benefit amounts. Thus, determination of benefit amount should have nothing to do with how much disabled people paid in, and they should ALL receive at least a poverty-line amount of benefits every month, closer to something they can, at least a little more easily, live on. ENOUGH OF BAILING OUT THE CORPORATIONS! BAIL OUT THE PEOPLE! GIVE US ALL TRUE LIBERTY, FREEDOM AND DIGNITY, AND ENTIRELY STOP GIVING US DEATH!

Bailing out the People is what will truly stimulate the economy and keep the corporations afloat, NOT giving more money to the corporations than to the poor majority. If the corporations were the only ones who paid their fair share, and the only ones who paid income taxes, as the U.S. Constitution originally designed, we would have more than enough money to finance every necessity, including solving national and world-wide hunger, starvation and homelessness. It would "only" cost between $50 and $100 billion dollars per year to do this, so let's do it! If the U.S. and global government can afford to spend trillions of dollars on illegal wars of aggression, "the supreme international crime" according to the Nuremberg Protocols, and national and international law, and on bailing out corporations, they can afford to bail out "We, the People". Enough of the U.S. and global government being "of, by and for corporations and lawyers", instead of being "of, by and for The People" as they are ONLY supposed to be! Make the U.S. and the world Truly Free, with Dignity for ALL, not simply the minority of the rich! Make us ALL "rich" with True Liberty and Freedom, and cease ALL of the intentional destruction of same! Make us TRULY "of the People, by the People, for the People" all across the U.S. and around the world, with True Liberty and Justice, with a "living income" (an income we can all live on), FOR ALL, the world-over! Set "We, the People" Truly Free, and stop enslaving, impoverishing and mass-murdering us all around the globe for the sake of worshiping money, profit and riches! Put the people first as God designed for the U.S. and the world to truly be run! End U.S. and global poverty, in all ways! We've proven that we have the means; so, again, let's do it!

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S. Wolf Britain, Human and Civil Rights Advocate

Why is this important?

Why this is important is more than clearly delineated in the body of the petition itself.

Reasons for signing

  • America have to address the poverty problem. The economy have increased poverty, not decreased it. VOTE federal, state and local. We must vote our interest, not the interest of a certain party.
  • The Muslim community think of us ( Americans) as dirt on there sandals we are infidels to them we do not need them in our GOVERMENT control , look at what Obama did to us, he put us in so many bad shots, we need NOT have them controlling us.


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