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To: Congressman Bobby Scott

Tax single use plastic bags in Newport News

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Dear Mr. Bobby Scott,

I am writing to you on the concern about the ever-increasing usage and accumulation of plastic bags in our city.

Plastic pollution is a serious issue that the whole world faces. Plastic never decomposes, instead breaking down into smaller pieces harming the oceans, wildlife, and environment. More than one million plastic bags are used each minute, and only 9% of it is recycled. It is clogging our rivers, choking animals, and even getting into the air we breathe. Clearly, plastic pollution is a problem that needs immediate addressing. Some cities, states, and even countries, have already started the work of becoming more sustainable with their use of plastic.

Our city, Newport News, can lead as an example along with other Virginia cities on the right path of sustainability. Several cities in Virginia, such as Fairfax, Alexandria, and Roanoke, as well as some countries such as Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and more, have imposed a tax on single use plastic bags in order to limit mass production and waste. This tax would likely be a more effective and less drastic solution to waste than a band of plastic bags. The tax in Virginian cities is currently 5 cents per plastic bag. Adjusting to this tax would take little time yet have a huge impact. Many cities and states have already adopted this law, and it is time for Newport News to follow suit.

Newport News could be a leading city to bring change to the US. A tax on plastic bags would benefit the environment greatly and make Newport News a prettier city. Please take time to consider this proposal and make this a new law in Newport News. Thank you.


Why is this important?

Each year, more than 500 million plastic bags are discarded. Most people do not think about where this plastic goes, but the truth is, it never goes away. The amount of plastic on the planet is growing. It clogs up the rivers and oceans, chokes animals, enters the air, and contributes to pointless mass production. A simple 5 cent tax on single use plastic bags may seem like a small effort, but it would benefit the environment greatly. It would help people to only take what they really need, and stop over production ie double bagging, if there is a price involved.


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