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BREAKING: Supreme Court lets Trump end 2020 Census early -- tell the Senate to act now

BREAKING: Supreme Court lets Trump end 2020 Census early -- tell the Senate to act now

In an outrageous decision that could rig our democracy against Black and Brown communities for a decade -- the Supreme Court is allowing the Trump administration to end counting for the 2020 Census early.

We cannot let this administration abuse its power to deny communities the representation they deserve and entrench minority rule.

Senate Republicans must support the 2020 Census Deadline Extensions Act (S. 4571) -- a bipartisan bill that would extend the census count through October 31st -- and insist that Majority Leader Mitch McConnell allow a floor vote on it.

Why is this important?

The Trump administration is trying to end the 2020 Census count as soon as possible -- so that already vulnerable communities lose out on representation in Congress and vital funding for things like schools, fire trucks, and COVID-19 relief.

This is just the administration’s latest attempt to intimidate, exclude, and erase immigrant families and young people out of the 2020 Census.

And now, the Supreme Court has given Trump and his administration the go-ahead to halt the census count.

Remember: rigging the census is part of a years-long effort by far-right political operatives to rig our system and silence millions of Americans. We’ve uncovered documents from the GOP’s top redistricting strategist, Thomas Hofeller, that outline this exact strategy -- and we took this fight to court.

And despite this setback, we’re not done fighting. But we need to prepare for the worst: that the Administration might shut down the census immediately. We have one path to stop this -- put maximum pressure on the U.S. Senate to save the Census.

We must go all out -- right here and right now -- to protect the 2020 Census from political manipulation. We must make sure senators know that their seats are on the line -- and the American people expect them to put the integrity of our democracy before Trump’s partisan schemes.

We don’t have a moment to waste. There is bipartisan legislation right now that would save the U.S. Census -- and passing it just got far, far more urgent. If we can get it to the Senate floor, it has the support to pass.

Demand that GOP senators add their support to the bipartisan 2020 Census Deadline Extensions Act (S. 4571) -- which would extend the census count through October 31st -- and insist Majority Leader Mitch McConnell holds a floor vote.

Reasons for signing

  • The Census only happens once every ten years, and so it must be accurate. Running the country on ten years of inaccurate date would be bad. Also, this is outrageous and disgusting partisanship.
  • The Census is one of our most important tools, and honored traditions, as Americans.
  • As an enumerator, many of the areas do need the funding that will come to their communities. Since the shut down cause census not to be completed, it is the right thing to do is to let count be completed by October 31. Don't let this president control how funds are distributed or who/how communities will be represented!


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