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To: All Members of The United States Senate and House of Representatives

BREAKING! Trump tells us he wants to steal the election (again)

BREAKING! Trump tells us he wants to steal the election (again)

Donald Trump just called to delay the 2020 election. He can’t do it: the Constitution doesn’t allow him. This is authoritarian gas-lighting, plain and simple.

That’s why we are calling on every single member of Congress - and every GOP official across the US - to condemn these remarks, and pledge to uphold free and fair elections this fall.

Why is this important?

Free and fair elections are the bedrock of American democracy. Trump’s call to delay them indefinitely - after months of spreading lies and misinformation about mail-in ballots - is authoritarianism plain and simple!

With less than 100 days until the general election, Trump is doubling down on his attempts to reject election results he doesn’t like. And unless we call him out - and hold Democratic leadership, and every single elected official across the US who still cares about democracy to account, there's no telling what he and his enablers will do come election day.

We need millions calling on Congress and every elected member of the GOP to shut down this blatantly dangerous, authoritarian, and anti-American move. Ring the Alarm: don’t let Trump get away with wrecking our democracy even more than he already has.

Reasons for signing

  • VOTE BLUE. Remove Trump from office now!
  • Election Day IS ELECTION DAY.
  • I want to vote this November!


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