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To: Judge

Bring Lola Home

Hi, I don’t really know where to start all I know is that I really need your help. I live in Kitsap county and I went to Lake Crescent for the first time unfortunately when I went out there my dog Lola got lost. I did contact the Humane Society in Port Angeles where she was lost. I posted flyers they were posts online I stayed in contact with the Humane Society in Port Angeles I looked online at surrounding Humane Society‘s for lost and found dogs I didn’t have any luck after about three weeks so finally I started making phone calls and that’s how I found out that Lola was at Jefferson County Humane Society. They called me back I was at work unfortunately missed her phone call I assumed they were closed on the weekends and Monday just like our Humane Society (Paws)is out here in Kitsap county I contact them Tuesday and that’s when they made me aware that they had adopted her out Saturday. There was a lack of communication or miscommunication between employees I’m not really sure what happened. I know i dropped the ball. She only had on a harness. I have spoken with the president of the Humane Society Paul Becker, he wasnt very kind. I’ve spoken to the sheriff out in Port Townsend I’ve spoken with the Humane Society I’m sorry The vice president of the Humane Society Ellen. they asked me for pictures of Lola to make sure that it’s the same dog I sent them pictures they verified it was her and then told me it was out of their hands. She had been adopted out and if I want her back I’d have to take them to court . I’ve contacted Animal Control his name is Andy he said it’s out of his hands I’ve messaged the commissioner of port Townsend I’ve contacted Komo4 & Kiro 7 news. Ive contacted Jesse Jones. From the news. I’ve tried to get an attorney unfortunately the go fund me money I was able to raise was only $1000 and I offered that to the lady who adopted her so I could have Lola back. I have also offered the money to Jefferson County Humane Society so that I could get Lola back in hopes of getting her back I’ve spoken to mediators to try and see if maybe something along those lines would help but Jefferson County Humane Society will not return their phone calls nor mine. I’m praying that this woman will have a change of heart. Nothings working I’ve made signs and gone to Port Townsend myself with my niece and my sister and my nephew and we try to do you know do whatever we possibly can to get Lola back let this woman know that Lola is missed and she was not miss treated or not taken care of. I have tons of evidence pictures that she’s mine and that she was happy and that she was healthy accidents happen and I’ve learned my lesson and I’ll do whatever it takes to get her back. Please help me I honestly don’t know what else to do

Why is this important?

I need people to join in my campaign because my voice isn’t enough. My pictures in my posts aren’t enough I’m hoping and praying that with community help and support and love we can show that man time does exist humidity is still alive and we can support each other for the common good. Even if it that’s common good as for one person


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