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To: Governor Mike Dewine, Mayor Andrew Ginther, Columbus Division of police

Call for the resignation of Thomas Quinlan, the Chief of the Columbus Division of Police.

Call for the resignation of Thomas Quinlan, the Chief of the Columbus Division of Police.

We, the people of Columbus, Ohio, call for the resignation of Columbus Division of Police Chief Thomas Quinlan. He’s allowed and directed the police of our city to use tear gas and mace on peaceful protestors. He has said on live television that the police can and will remove your rights from you.

Police are paid by our tax dollars to serve and protect their people. This man is betraying his oath and we demand reform in the Columbus Division of Police, their training, hiring practices, and their tactics.

Why is this important?

The justice system needs to be reformed. We must act to remove those who tarnish the system. We must revisit how we are training police. We must evaluate how the hiring process works. We must enable the so called good police to weed out bad ones. We must end the war on drugs that continues to put non-violent offenders in for-profit prisons.

How it will be delivered

I will be submitting this to Congresswoman Joyce Beatty, Mayor Andrew Ginther, and Governor Mike Dewine.

Reasons for signing

  • End the oppression
  • I wonder how many fake signees are here. I was curious about how easy it was to sign it without having to verify anything. You could easily build up bot signatures and question validity of this petition. It was easy for me to write “no” and “name” and create a quick email, I just wanted to point that out. Thanks.
  • He led protesters to a trap as they were peacefully leaving. Cuffing them and abuaing his power.


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