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To: Mike Dewine, Kamala Harris

Avery's Law: Children's Rights/The Fair Assessment & Welfare Response Act.

Servicemen & Civilian Protection.

*Any individual or agency that conducts investigations into the welfare of the people shall wear a bodycam while on duty.
*Any business conducted during times where bodycams are not in use or restricted shall be witnessed by another individual or entity.

This would be inclusive to any form of media contacts from agent to civilian.

Equitable Investigative Response.

*If a call is placed to local authorities over the concerns of a child(ren), no matter the severity of circumstance, that authority will do a fair assessment under a welfare investigation within 8 hours of that claim.
*If a claim is made to children’s services, a call from that service will be made to local authorities to adjoin the initial welfare investigation.

As with police, all servicemen such as social services shall record all active duty via a bodycam. The Special Children’s Crime Unit at any time can review documented and recorded investigations as can any legal individual or entity involved with the said child(ren) or custodian.

Why is this important?

The act of investigation holds merit when combined with modern technology & human response. It is our nature to seek & to aid those in peril. It is also our inquisitive nature to achieve truth. We cannot do either based on someone's word.

The welfare of children, even if unfounded, should not be taken lightly. There is no wasted time spent securing a child's well-being. If we avoid a cry for aid due to an instinct that implies it's not at a level of intervention may reveal the actual danger of the situation.

Child protection is not fallible. Time & again, we hear of social workers who dropped the ball. No child is a ball & an agency in design to protect them should not fail. Unfortunately, there are many bias people within this service & their immunity should not delay technology. If they partake in criminal or negligent responses, they should be held accountable. On the other hand, if these parties fall under scrutiny, the capture would exonerate them from any crime.

This petition of modern protection to all is inconceivable that it is not currently in use.