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Congress: Make school buses electric!

Congress: Make school buses electric!

Tens of millions of kids are exposed to dangerous air pollution every day thanks to dirty, diesel school buses. Congress must pass the Clean School Bus Act, which would protect kids from air pollution and help fight climate change by providing funding for school districts to purchase clean, electric school buses.

Why is this important?

Did you know that tens of millions of kids breathe polluted air every day on their way to school? It’s true – and it’s because their school buses run highly-polluting diesel fuel. And we know air pollution can cause major health problems for children!

Now, a new bill has been introduced in Congress that would replace these dirty diesel buses with clean electric buses. If passed, it would help protect kids from air pollution AND help fight climate change.

The Clean School Bus Act would make major investments in replacing the nation’s fleet of diesel school buses with zero-emission electric buses. Even better, it would prioritize low-income school districts for funding.


Reasons for signing

  • Please reopen all schools, bars & restaurants, shops & malls, personal services, parks & recreation centers, Sports spectators, activities and large parties & gatherings, weddings & marriages and other services. Economy & Jobs, Religious Facilities, Live Entertainment. Returning back to all cities, countries and all states around the world. Road to reopening your small businesses and economy recovery, Reopen all indoor & outdoor dining, slowly getting things back to normal.
  • I remember telling a bus driver to get the children out of way of the exhaust of the bus as they stood on the sidewalk horrified at what they were breathing in.
  • I care about how the climate is affecting our planet and health.


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