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To: Congress

Congress Must Act: Gun Violence Is Killing Our Children!

Gun violence is tearing families and communities apart, and we urgently need Congress to put common sense gun control laws in place. Parents are mourning the children they lost. Teachers are shocked that active shooter drills turn into tragic reality. Students are forever traumatized after watching their peers killed. Siblings are missing their best friends at home.

Politicians must put families first, but instead we see time and time again that the gun lobby is pouring millions of dollars into the pockets of elected officials who would rather cash a check than protect the communities they represent.

Enough. There are basic steps including background checks, waiting periods, and banning assault-style weapons which can help protect our families. Congress should stop cowering to the NRA and instead pass legislation to protect families now.

Why is this important?

There’s something deeply troubling when attack after attack on our schools, places of worship, and community institutions simply go on without any government response beyond thoughts, prayers, and soundbites on cable tv.

A right-wing racist gunned down ten community members in a Buffalo, NY supermarket.

The attack on a Taiwanese Presbyterian Church in Laguna Hills, CA was carried out with two legally purchased guns and bags containing incendiary devices and extra ammunition.

And the horrifying attack on Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX killed at least nineteen students and two adults with weapons legally purchased by the teen shooter.

The gun homicide rate in the United States is 25 times higher than that of other developed countries. Congress must act to pass meaningful legislation immediately. Our families are under attack, and shouldn’t have to live in constant fear of our safety for one more moment.

The United States House passed a bill years ago that would require background checks and waiting periods for anyone wanting to buy a gun. These are basic protections we need to start keeping our kids safe, but Republicans in the Senate have blocked it. The bill is up for a vote again in the Senate soon - urge your Senators to pass it - and go even farther to make sure we don’t lose even more elementary school kids.




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