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To: Leadership of any and all US corporations

Corporations: Withhold campaign contributions from anyone who enacts voting restrictions

Put your money -- and your accumulated clout -- where your mouth is. Your customer base are voters. Your employees are voters. Your shareholders are voters. And the thing most young consumers want from the companies their dollars support -- second only to solid products -- is social conscience. Stand up to Republican-led efforts to disenfranchise the people who truly support you, by refusing to support any lawmaker who votes for a restrictive voter law in any state or in Washington DC.

Why is this important?

Republicans think they can get away with taking the lazy option of choosing who votes instead of the courageous option of learning, and getting behind, what voters really want. This is partly because they have historically held the support of large corporations who benefit from their anti-labor stance of tax breaks, subsidies, and loopholes. But the support of business leaders helped Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., be recognized in his own state for winning the Nobel Peace Prize. In 2006, pressure from business leaders helped incentivize the Republican-led Congress to reauthorize the Voting Rights Act. Big business responded to the January 6 riot by pulling campaign contributions from members of Congress who voted to interfere with the electoral vote count. And current activism by voting-rights advocates in Georgia and elsewhere have spurred major US companies to come down on the side of democracy.

Voters are consumers, and companies ultimately answer to us. Tell US companies to stand up and put their money and their clout where their mouth is. No more mealymouthed finger-shaking in the face of brazen attempts to resurrect Jim Crow: It's time to make the same decision they made after January 6. No more funding for the campaigns of any lawmaker, anywhere, who votes to enact policies that restrict voting rights in the name of the Big Lie.

There was no fraud. There was no steal. What there SHOULD be is consequences for the liars and cheats who want to steal votes from Americans. Tell big business to make anti-democratic lawmakers get reelected on their own dime if this is how they're going to "serve" the people.


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