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Costco needs to ditch plastic packaging

Costco Wholesale Corporations is the second largest retailer in the world. If you are one to commonly shop at Costco, you may have noticed the several layers of plastic packaging. To protect our planet and our future, Costco needs to rid its brand of plastic packaging and find a compostable or more sustainable material.

Why is this important?

Plastic containers like pop bottles can be recycled, they cannot be recycling infinitely. When plastic is recycled it requires "virgin plastic" to be turned into a new pop bottle. The other kind of plastic, the kind that you find wrapped around packages or what your produces comes in, is not recyclable. Additionally, the production of plastic has immense environmental impacts. According to the World Economic Forum, about 4-8% of annual global oil consumption is associated with plastics. In 2015, the CIEL reported that manufacturing polyethylene plastics are responsible for 184.3 to 213 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, which is about as much as 45 million passenger vehicles emit during one year. The data is clear; plastic is bad for our planet.


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