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Support next steps for farm worker immigration

Support next steps for farm worker immigration

Farm workers are the backbone of our nation. Their hard work all year long -- and especially their essential role and sacrifice of performing the skilled, grueling work that feeds this country during COVID19 -- earned them security and a path forward.

I understand the quickest way to do this is to reintroduce and pass the Farm Workforce Modernization Act (FWMA). This bill was passed bipartisanly by the House last session, so has an opportunity for expedited passage through the House if reintroduced and passed in the House by March 12.

I pledge to support the UFW's efforts to pass legislation to bring farm workers out of the shadows. Farm workers have earned this. Our domestic food supply relies on them.

Why is this important?

Many of the hard working farm workers, who labor in the fields and call this country home, lack the security that citizenship offers. Their US citizen children are terrified their mother or father may not come home from work. Farm workers have been waiting for decades. We need to pass federal legislation to give farm workers a path forward.

Reasons for signing

  • The workers have been exploited for too long and deserve to be paid a living wage for what they do for everyone.
  • These are the people this land was stolen from. It’s full circle. Human rights, long time coming. Owe retribution to these hard working humans.
  • They are vital and deserve a pathway forward


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