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To: Tom Carney, Brandon Johnson, Chicago Public Safety

CTA Safety and Reliability

The city of Chicago heavily relies on public transportation, but recent incidents of destruction and disruptive behavior on trains and buses have jeopardized commuter safety and punctuality. Passengers report feeling unsafe due to frequent instances of erratic behavior, including substance use and public indecency. Despite attempts to seek refuge in the front train cars, these measures are proving ineffective. Delays caused by police interventions further exacerbate commuters' frustrations, leading to increased reliance on expensive ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft. To address these issues, implementing a pricing cap on ride-sharing services and enhancing security measures with a focus on mental health care accessibility, including proactive screening for disruptive behavior, mental health professional training for security teams are crucial steps to ensure the safety and efficiency of Chicago's public transit system.

Why is this important?

Ensuring the safety and reliability of public transportation in Chicago is paramount for the well-being of its residents and the city's economic vitality. A functional public transit system not only provides essential mobility for commuters but also reduces traffic congestion, pollution, and dependence on personal vehicles. However, recent disruptions and safety concerns on trains and buses not only undermine passenger confidence but also hinder productivity and increase the financial burden on commuters forced to seek alternative transportation options. Moreover, the unchecked behavior poses a broader societal issue, reflecting the need for improved mental health services and social support systems. By addressing these challenges through enhanced security measures with proper mental health training and regulating ride-sharing prices, Chicago can promote a safer, more accessible, and equitable transit experience for all residents, thereby fostering a thriving urban environment.


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