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To: U.S. Congress & President Biden

Cut the Pentagon Budget!

We must end the forever wars, heal our veterans, and re-orient our spending towards a holistic conception of national security that centers public health, climate change and human rights.

It is beyond time to reduce wasteful Pentagon spending. Hundreds of billions of dollars currently directed to the military would have greater return if invested in diplomacy, humanitarian aid, global public health, sustainability initiatives, and basic research.

Why is this important?

Despite being elected to move away from Trump policies of the past, despite a clear reckoning on our priorities in the wake of COVID, and despite the fact that budgets are moral documents, President Biden is likely to propose a $740 BILLION budget that would keep Pentagon spending at Trump-era levels.

Disappointed doesn’t begin to cut it. We’re furious. A growing chorus in Congress is too. But while Congress, not the White House, is ultimately in control of the purse strings, progressive champions can’t stop this budget on their own.

That’s why we need to turn the pressure up even higher, and remind everyone in Congress and the White House: We want our priorities put back in order and that means cutting the Pentagon budget.



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