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To: San Francisco Parks and Recreation

Diane DiPrima Park

Diane DiPrima Park

Rename Page-Laguna Mini Park to Diane DiPrima Park

Why is this important?

PETITION to Rename Page-Laguna Park as “Diane di Prima Park”

Diane Rose di Prima (1934-2020), America’s most influential female poet of the past three-quarter-century, lived, wrote, taught, and worked in San Francisco from 1968 until her passing in 2020. She was the author of approximately 50 books of poetry, drama, and prose.

Diane di Prima was named Poet Laureate of San Francisco in 2009 and retained that honor for two more years. She was the beating heart of the male-dominated Beat Poetry Movement in the 1950s and ‘60s and was its feminist voice. Her immortal work, including Revolutionary Letters and Loba, grew far beyond the Beat Movement, as she continued to write until the week of her death in October 2020.

Renowned San Francisco poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti, the founder and proprietor of the world-famous City Lights Bookstore, a San Francisco landmark, stated that Diane di Prima “was important as the feminist voice of the Beat generation.” Another famous San Francisco Poet, Michael McClure, who died earlier in 2020, said in 2018 that “Diane di Prima is the most living poet because of the depth, the range of her imagination and for the number of decades that it thrilled us …”. McClure’s assessment is quoted in Ms. di Prima’s obituary in the San Francisco Chronicle (“Chronicle”) dated October 26, 2020.

Her contributions to literature and culture are summarized recently in lengthy unpaid obituaries published in the Chronicle and the New York Times. Those two obituaries are appended to this petition. The links are also included here:

Diane lived in San Francisco for a half century and lived in the immediate vicinity of the park in question for over 20 years. She contributed immeasurably to the literary and cultural heritage of San Francisco and the world. Her legacy lives on in the hearts of her readers, students, friends, neighbors, family, and everyone whose lives she touched. The park name change will be an act of a grateful city to designate a physical place where her generous and compassionate spirit will be honored by people from near and far in perpetuity.

I, the undersigned, support the name change of Page-Laguna Mini Park to “Diane di Prima Park.”

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Reasons for signing

  • Her poetic and literary contributions to San Francisco, California and to the world would only be fittingly honored by renaming this park for Diane Di Prima.
  • Diane was a fierce and brilliant artist and teacher--her poetics, her healing work, her painting, her magic lessons, her guidance for accessing the creative wellspring. She wrote and taught all that and more, living right there with her family in her apartment at Page & Laguna, there by the Zen Center. Naming the neighborhood park after her would be a fitting honor for a most extraordinary resident of the neighborhood.
  • Per SF Rec & Parks. the Laguna/Page Mini-Park, was completed in 1972, featuring "a picnic area, climbing platform surrounded by a sandbox, and three stationary mustang horses. The neighborhood was a particularly vital place in those years. Among its creative residents were Stuart Brand, Philip Whalen, Diane di Prima, Jane Hirshfield, Deborah Madison, Paul Krasner; Peter Coyote and Rob Epstein.


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