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To: U.S. Senate

Do Not Fill Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Seat Until After Inauguration Day 2021

237 days before the 2016 presidential election, Republican senators overwhelmingly voted in favor of blocking President Barack Obama's nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court.

These same senators want to contradict their decision of only four years ago, to fill Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat with less than 45 days until final votes are cast. We cannot allow them to undermine the American people, by committing this hypocritical and injust act.

Why is this important?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg spent her life protecting women's rights and advancing justice for those disenfranchised by the political establishment.

She was well-known for the work she did before taking the bench, when she served as an advocate for the American Civil Liberties Union and became the architect of a legal strategy to bring cases to the courts that would ensure that the 14th Amendment's guarantee of equal protection applied to gender.

Justice Ginsburg dedicated her life to ensuring fairness and equality for all Americans. There's no woman in the United States whose life, career and security was not bolstered by the work of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We are all in her debt, young and old, Democrat or Republican. We should keep that in mind as we consider her dying wish. As the end of her life approached, Ginsburg dictated to her granddaughter a message that we must fight to achieve in her honor:

"My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed."

PLEASE SHARE THIS PETITION WITH EVERYONE WHO CARES ABOUT OUR COUNTRY'S FUTURE. They do not have to be a member of Nasty Women for Biden to support this initiative.

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