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To: Dear President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas

Don't let Biden deport a Black Mauritanian man to slavery!

I.S. was kidnapped and forced into slavery in Mauritania. He bravely escaped and came to the U.S. to seek asylum.

But instead of freedom, I.S. spent 3 years in immigration jail, fighting his deportation. The immigration judge denied I.S. asylum due to ignorance and bias, a system-wide problem recently exposed by the Columbus Dispatch.

Tell President Biden and DHS Secretary Mayorkas to stop I.S.'s deportation! No one should be sent back to slavery and apartheid.

Why is this important?

I.S. and his family know what awaits him if he's deported to Mauritania—retaliation, torture, and possibly death. He was recently transferred to the ICE jail in Prairieland. We fear his deportation is imminent.

Biden and Mayorkas have the power to save I.S. and grant TPS for Mauritania, as well as to release the more than 100 Mauritanian refugees locked up in Adelanto. Let them know we want them to use this power today!

Read "'Guilty until proven innocent'? Advocates say Black immigrants face racial bias," Columbus Dispatch, 7/13/23, and "Letter to ICE Urging Release of Mauritanian Asylum Seekers," 7/19/23,

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Email to President Biden, Secretary Mayorkas, and their staff.



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