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To: House Republicans

Don’t make Jim Jordan Speaker of the House

House Republicans were the first in history to pass a motion to vacate to get rid of former Speaker McCarthy and now the GOP must now select a new speaker. and the top GOP pick for the role is none other than far-right extremist Representative Jim Jordan from Ohio.

Jordan is notorious for his extremism. Trump's top ally has protested or interfered in every single Congressional inquiry and investigation against the former President for his extremist positions on abortion, same-sex marriage, vaccines, and climate change. Jordan also and founded the extremist, fear-mongering Freedom Caucus—which boasts fellow MAGA Republicans Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Our country deserves better representation. Republicans need to choose the people for once, over extremist politics.

Why is this important?

Our institutions, and quite frankly, just general normalcy are at stake. Chaos will ensue if MAGA leaders like Jordan or Scalise get picked as Speaker of the House and extremists likeMatt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene will only be emboldened.

As the GOP circus continues, the American people are the ones who will continue paying the price for their chaos, as House Republicans continue to avoid governing and advancing progress.

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