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To: The U.S. Congress and the 50 state legislatures

Don’t Silence Voters: Let Everyone Vote from Home

Pass vote-by-mail legislation so that all Americans can cast their ballots without leaving home. Americans who live abroad always vote by mail, and Americans in the 50 states should be able to do so as well. We of Americans Voices Abroad Berlin, like all other U.S. citizens who live abroad, have had trouble-free experience with voting by mail (absentee ballots) for many years.

Why is this important?

We need to be able to make voting easier and more secure, especially during this public health crisis. The long lines that have plagued recent elections, as well as the touch screens and crowded polling places, are now dangerous. We cannot let the pandemic shrink voter turnout. In addition, voting by mail provides a paper trail at a time when election security is increasingly at risk. While several states have already expanded their vote-by-mail options, we would like to see every state — and the federal government — pass vote-by-mail legislation so that all citizens, no matter where they live, can safely vote in November of this year.




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