To: Ed Graff, Superintendent and Minneapolis School Board


Families of current, future, and former MPS students demand that MPS:

(1) Eliminate the use of toxic pesticides in schools by working with the Minneapolis Health Department to identify and implement non-toxic pest solutions.

And until such time as toxic pesticides are eliminated from schools we further demand that they:

(2) Provide an estimated schedule of all pesticide applications in all facilities of MPS in all languages represented within MPS, post this schedule on all doors of all MPS buildings, and send this same schedule out to all families directly;

(3) Provide a statement to families that the long-term health effects on children from the application of such pesticides may not be fully understood;

(4) Inform families that a parent or guardian may request to be notified by the school before any application of pesticides.

Why is this important?

Our kids deserve a safe, toxin free school environment. Families of MPS students recently received a General Pesticide Use Notice informing of ongoing pesticide use at their children's schools. Join your neighbors by signing today! Show your support of Superintendent, Ed Graff and Environmental Health and Safety Manager, Lee Setter in adopting healthier policies and implementing safer practices, by replacing toxic pesticides with non-toxic and mechanical pest control methods.