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To: Congress and U.S. Senators

Enact The Equality in Policing Act (URLEIA) to End Police Brutality and Stem Mass Incarceration

The Equality in Policing Act is the short name for URLEIA (The Uniform Reporting Law Enforcement Improvement Act), which is a sweeping legislative proposal that will revamp policing from the ground up. Once enacted, URLEIA will end police brutality and stem the tide of mass incarceration. We ask congressional leaders to learn about URLEIA, support URLEIA and enact URLEIA into law in its most complete form. We ask members of the public to please use #URLEIA on all signage and social media posts.

Why is this important?

URLEIA sets in place ongoing pattern or practice (POP) investigations in every community throughout the United States. A Pattern or Practice Investigation is the tool the Department of Justice (DOJ) currently uses to curtail unconstitutional policing in local jurisdictions. Investigations are usually commenced by DOJ after highly-publicized use-of-force events such as the shooting of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson or the asphyxiation of George Floyd in Minnesota. URLEIA allows for the early identification and permanent removal of problem officers. URLEIA also introduces a host of new nationwide standards for policing, including a national use-of-force statute, training requirements, monitoring and measurement mechanisms, policies for interfacing with disabled citizens as well as quality standards that give rise to a best-in-class policing culture. URLEIA's foundational principle is "smart policing," which imposes upon law enforcement officers an obligation to preserve life and prevent injury. URLEIA introduces a national data repository that will capture data on every law enforcement agent and entity in the United States, including local policing jurisdictions, jails, prisons, juvenile facilities and private-duty security. Learn more:

How it will be delivered

In person with a contingent of citizens.



2020-06-07 19:55:42 -0400

The protest cycle is underway: People get angry about brutality, they march, they burn, curfews are instituted, police and law enforcement are brought out en masse, the unrest beings to quiet, quick-fix policies are announced, protest transitions into a social gathering, the marches and peaceful protests continue and soon and the uprising ends. The final move is formation of a body that is allegedly charged with delivering meaningful changes. The bodies almost always deliver a report but never any substantive, structural changes. When everything is said and done, things are largely unchanged. If you want real solutions, help catapult the Equality in Policing Act to the forefront. Please share this petition far and wide, tell people about this act and use the #URLEIA hashtag with every post.

2020-06-05 13:31:35 -0400

Hello everyone. We hope you are safe out there. All legislation is given a short name in addition to its formal name. We updated the proposal to include the short name Equality In Policing Act. We need your help. Our goal is millions of signatures, so we have a few to go. Please share, share, share and please use the #URLEIA hashtag in all your posts. Let's see how high we can drive the signature number before end of day.

2020-06-03 21:28:18 -0400

The same strategy that played out in Ferguson is playing out across the nation with respect to reforms. It is unfortunate, but I don't see any thing coming that will create the lasting reform everyone says they want. URLEIA creates deep lasting systemic changes, i.e., the kind that will make a difference. Function as a part of our team and lets get these signatures up.

2020-06-03 18:50:28 -0400

100 signatures reached

2020-06-03 13:56:54 -0400

Hello: We are making progress but need your help. Please share. We don't want a quick patchwork solution. We worked years to develop URLEIA. Helps us get the numbers we need!

2020-06-03 12:56:30 -0400

50 signatures reached

2020-06-03 11:44:37 -0400

25 signatures reached

2020-06-03 10:58:34 -0400

10 signatures reached