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To: Corporations to suspend campaign donations to Republican Objectors

Enough ! De-fund Congressmen who subvert democracy

Donald Trump and his enablers in the Republican Party have shamelessly tried to subvert our elections with a violent coup and continuing lies about Joe Biden's election victory. Trump and the Republican Party only understand the language of money. Corporations are responding As of midnight Jan 12, fourteen (14) corporations halted political donations to Republicans who objected to certifying Biden’s victory. They deserve our thanks. Corporations that have either acted with ambivalence or not acted must be pressured to act and send an unmistakable message with a laser focus on the Objectors who undermine our democracy.

A list of known objectors:

Why is this important?

Lawmakers who knowingly spread falsehoods about the election, and then vote to undermine our democracy, must pay a price. Companies must recognize this and choose their campaign donations accordingly. We must pressure them to do so.

As our congressional leaders weigh steps against Trump and members of congress who deliberately undermined our elections, let us force them to do the right thing by stopping the flow of corporate money: Enough is enough!

As we go past Trump and into Biden's term, maintain the pressure: Enough is enough!

As we move to the next election cycle, keep up the pressure: Enough is enough!

Turn off the money spigots. Now.

How it will be delivered

Not yet certain. The goal is to pressure corporations to stop funding anyone who undermines our democracy.


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