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To: Merck & Co.

Fight against cancer, not high prices: Lower Keytruda costs

Keytruda, a groundbreaking cancer immunotherapy drug developed by Merck & Co., has been a beacon of hope for countless patients battling cancer. However, recent reports indicate that Merck & Co. is considering increasing the price of Keytruda despite its significant revenue and profitability. We demand that Merck & Co. prioritize patient access to this life-saving medication by lowering its price, ensuring that individuals in need can affordably obtain the treatment they require.

As the world's top-selling prescription medicine, Keytruda has transformed cancer treatment and saved countless lives. However, Merck & Co.'s plan to raise the drug's price threatens to exacerbate the already significant financial burden faced by patients and their families. Cancer patients and their loved ones should not have to choose between life-saving treatment and financial ruin. By lowering the price of Keytruda, Merck & Co. can demonstrate its commitment to patient well-being and ensure that individuals facing cancer have access to the care they desperately need.

Why is this important?

Being a cancer patient or having a family member with cancer is already a very difficult situation, besides the immense emotional pain, the cost of treatment can be a heavy burden. The consequences of increasing the price of Keytruda are alarming and for many families, unbearable.Many patients rely on this medication as their best hope for survival, and price hikes could place it out of reach for those who need it most. Price gouging in the pharmaceutical industry not only threatens the lives of vulnerable patients but also reflects a disturbing trend of prioritizing profits over human welfare. We cannot allow greed to dictate access to life-saving treatments. Lowering the price of Keytruda is not only a matter of fairness but a moral imperative to ensure that individuals battling cancer have the opportunity to receive the care they deserve without the already inevitable financial hardship.


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