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To: Senate Republicans and Moderate Democrats

Fight Against Lily Eskelsen García for Education Secretary

A different candidate was chosen for Education Secretary.

Fight Against Lily Eskelsen García for Education Secretary

3.3 million students are enrolled in public charter schools, 70% of whom are Latino and Black. As parents, we choose charter schools because they are the best option for our children. Former NEA union president, Lily Eskelsen García called our schools "misguided reforms" and fought to close them. She'd rather send our kids to failing neighborhood schools than give parents a choice. Senate Republicans and moderate Democrats should oppose her nomination as Education Secretary. She's too extreme.

Why is this important?

As parent advocates we are pushing back on rumored Education Secretary nominee Lily Eskelsen García, who's a fierce opponent of school choice. As Jeanne Allen, president and CEO of the Center for Education Reform, notes in Forbes, "She has compared choice for poor kids to 'snake oil,' and has argued that 'everything about ‘school choice’ leaves students out in the cold.'"

How it will be delivered

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Reasons for signing

  • The American education system is not producing a quality education due to undue governmental involvement that is dumbing down future generations.
  • Returning back all states and cities around the world reopening and slowing & stopping the spread of COVID-19, returning students back to in person school learning and face to face learning.
  • As leaders and teacher Public Schools across this nation it is our responsibility to the families and children we serve to to ensure we are providing and excellent and equitable education. In doing so, we must create safe schools and classrooms and an organization that is inclusive for all visible and invisible identities. Her experience and track record is far from that. She has a history of division and union self-interest that operates with a strategic plan to keep adults interests first.


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