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To: California State University, Sacramento



As students of Sacramento State, we demand that economics professor Tim Ford’s employment status with Sacramento State is terminated due to video evidence of racially biased behavior off campus.

Why is this important?

Due to the fact that the student body of Sacramento State primarily consists of minority students, it is important to us that we cultivate an educational environment that is free from racial bias and discrimination. In order to ensure that students feel exempt from bigotry in the classroom, professors that have exhibited a blatant prejudice against minorities, both on and off campus, need to be dismissed from employment at Sac State.

Reasons for signing

  • I will never attend a university that is willing to let a professor like this teach classes. Even if it was his wife making the comments, him trying to say having a PhD justifies their complaint about the smell of food is just as bad. My kids will not ever attend that university in the future either.
  • Professors are at the very least leaders on their campus. He is as responsible as his Wife in this altercation. He was just as aggressive and said nothing about her comments in the moment that would make one think this isn’t their normal way of thinking and addressing other Women and African Americans or other races. Cut him loose Sac State. Everyday he’s there, you’re in full support of his actions.
  • Racists should not be teaching minority students. PeriodT.


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