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To: 95.9 The River

Get Primal Moon on 95.9 The River, and start a Local Radio Hour

  Being in a local band is tough. It's sometimes hard to navigate through the entertainment world, and it's even more difficult when you are unsigned. The abundance of talent in Chicago, and it's surrounding suburbs needs their chance to be heard!
  The other day, we were caught in the act of marketing. That picture was posted to the River, and their social media. The same thing happened last year from QRock. After creating 3 months worth of memes; we were able to get on their station, and they now have a local hour. The hour highlights artists from all over the suburbs. We want a similar avenue with the River. Help us open that pathway between bigger radio, and locals. 

Why is this important?

This one is truly for all artists in the area that want to be heard. It's also for people that are not afraid of discovering great new music, in their own backyard. 


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