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To: SLCC President Gregory F. Peterson and SLCC Senior Staff

Bruin Parking Reform.

Photo by chris robert on Unsplash
-Parking passes need to be included in tuition.
-Allow parking fines to be appealed BEFORE payment.
-No increase in fines if unpaid after 7 days. 
-No booting or towing unless in fire lane or handicapped spot.
-More accessible parking spots for those in need.

Why is this important?

Parking permits and fines place an undo financial burden on SLCC students, especially for those who are already struggling financially. It is especially unjust in the sense that you are unable to appeal a ticket unless you pay the fine regardless if it is warranted with no room to defend yourself until after you are found guilty. Especially since SLCC holds the right to hold your transcripts and ability to graduate hostage unless you pay these fines. Not to mention that SLCC students are already spending thousands of dollars to simply attend classes and this nickeling and diming maneuver serves nothing but to further alienate and impoverish SLCC students. Additionally our campuses severely lack accessible parking spots for those who may struggle if forced to park further away.

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