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To: Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Senator Ted Cruz

Greg Abbott Resign, Ted Cruz Resign, Green New Deal Now

Millions of Texans are freezing right now and where are our "leaders?" Texas Governor Greg Abbott is on Fox News telling lies about wind turbines and the Green New Deal, rather than helping people, and Senator Ted Cruz is vacationing in Cancun. 

Abbot and Cruz have failed to protect us from the climate crisis, promoting a deadly fossil fuel economy. They failed to ensure we were prepared for an extreme weather event like this. And now they're failing to protect us in our moment of need. It is time for Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz to resign.

Why is this important?

We deserve a government that addresses our basic needs and protects all of us in moments in crisis. Despite the lies you'll hear from Abbott on Fox News, that's truly what the Green New Deal is all about. Now is the moment to deliver on immediate economic relief, invest in resilient infrastructure, ensure a social safety net, and halt the climate crisis once and for all. It is time for the Green New Deal.

Add your name to demand:

1) Greg Abbott + Ted Cruz Resign
2) Green New Deal Now
3) Immediate Economic Relief

Reasons for signing

  • Texas deserves BETTER than these guys. So sad!
  • We need justice!
  • When I saw Abbott go on Fox News and state a bald faced lie about green energy, when he knew full well that the grid wasn't winterized, that made me feel he's not fit to lead. A lie in a time of great suffering was low and not what a leader should do.


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